Instrumental Study / Composition / Improvisation

Introductory level 0.50 hr minimum


Levels I-II 0.75 hr minimum

*co-requisite: elementary theoretical rudiments - 0.25 hr minimum

Levels III-IV 1.00 hr minimum

*co-requisite: theory - 0.25 hr minimum

Levels V-VIII 1.00 hr minimum

*co-requisite: theory - 0.50 hr minimum

Advanced levels 1.00 hr minimum

*co-requisite: theory - 0.75 hr minimum

Associate/Licentiate 1.50 hr minimum

*co-requisite: theory - 0.75 hr minimum

Fellowship 2.00 hr minimum

*Minimum hours on a weekly basis

If the student's major is Theory, there is a 0.50 hr minimum. Certain instrumental study prerequisites may apply.

Ensemble / Concerto Study

Intermediate and Advanced students take an additional one hour lesson per month for chamber music, vocal ensemble, band, or concerto-study (with second piano) if and whenever there is availability of at least three students for chamber music or band and two students for vocal ensemble or concerto-study.

Recitals / Concerts / Competitions

There are opportunities to perform in the U.S.A., Canada, and Australia at the school's end-of-year recitals and festivals administered by the Music Teachers' Association of California (U.S.A.), the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers Association (Canada), and the Music Teachers' Association of New South Wales (Australia). Information on various state, provincial, national, and international competitions are also given out to students who are interested.

*additional lessons in preparations for these events may apply*

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