About Us
The Johannes School of Music is a network of boutique music schools, studios, home visits in San Diego, Laguna Hills, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Vancouver offering personalized tuition of one-to-one instruction and classes. We focus on individual student's musical needs in order to meet specific requirements of international proficiency, testing of world-wide examination boards leading towards diploma and certification, high school, and college credits (contingent upon education regulations of independent schools and colleges in various state or provincial jurisdictions) as well as entrance matriculation to colleges and universities.
Programs offered at JSM (Johannes School of Music) prepare students for a career in music, either in performance, composition, musicology or pedagogy, or simply engage them for self-enrichment and enjoyment purposes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop a child's musical gift in a manner that is sensitive to his or her natural ability to respond to immediate surroundings of sound and music. From as early as five years of age, we assist in shaping the child's natural aural perception into a skill of recreating sound through the art of extemporization at the instrument. Linear and spatial dimensions on paper are taught concurrently at the youngest age which gradually develops into full notation on manuscript. Aural perception and notation become integrated skills in aural awareness, abstract thinking, melody writing, chordal progressions, improvisation, eventually leading towards the study of composition. The child's nurtured ability to comprehend and analyze these related concepts enable him or her to become a well-rounded musician, better sight-reader, and to increase repertoire in less time.

Our Goal

Our immediate goal is to enhance secure development to each higher level of musical and technical proficiency with good sense of direction, advancement, enjoyment, and creativity. This is done either in a music studio or home set-up where students from the same area choose to attend lessons.

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